Indian Grocery Order Form, $20 deposit required.

How it works?

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  • You pay $20 deposit and provide us with a list of items you need from Patel Brothers.
  • We prepare your order and contact you for balance payment.
  • We will generate an invoice. You can pay over the phone or pay securely online via my account page.

When filling the form, please provide the following:

  • Item name: (Swad Peanut Oil, Frozen Drumstick etc.,)
  • Adding brand is useful: (Mantra24, SWAD, Goya, etc., or write “Any Brand” if you don’t have a preference)
  • Weight/Type: (3 liters, 4 lbs,10 oz, 400 gm, Can, Small, Large etc.,)

The more details you provide, the easier and faster we can locate the item.

Please note: Due to high volume of orders, we may schedule the delivery of your custom in the late evening or on a separate day other than the same day we are delivering Costco order or halal meat. For your convenience, we will provide you with the exact date on cart page so you would know the delivery date before you place your order.

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Custom Order Terms*
  • I acknowledge that the deposit amount may be more or less than the actual total.
  • I agree to pay for the remaining balance, if any upon request from Brunswick Cart.
  • Likewise, I will receive a refund if my actual total is less than my deposit amount.
  • Custom order may be scheduled to deliver on a later date or in the late evening if another delivery is placed from Costco on the same-day.